Introducing Treza

A comprehensive insurance solution specifically designed for motor leasing providers and their customers. Treza offers customized solutions through advanced technology and strong relationships with insurance providers

Treza also offers a B2C portal for customers through which they can request additional coverage features or change policy details. As a result, more than 22 Lessors and financial institutions have partnered with Treza since its inception in 2020.

As pioneers in this market, we are constantly innovating useful features to further relieve lessors of leasing insurance challenges.

How Treza works

Enter vehicle details

Select best quotation

Policy ready

Treza successfully

Consolidates the lessors' insurance needs all in one place

Fulfills SAMA requirements for lessors with ease

Drastically speeds up the process of issuing a leasing policy

Unique value propositions

Our six values motivate and inspire us to keep us focused on our goals.

Stable Platform

Treza provides a reliable platform with near-zero downtime for uninterrupted service.

Seamless Integration

End-to-end integration with lessors' systems streamlines insurance process.

Automated Validation

Automated verification process ensures accuracy and reduces the risk of errors or fraud.

Wide Insurance Options

Access to over 22 insurance providers provide greater flexibility and choice.